Commercial Laundry near Oroville, CA.

  • Lineman College
  • Restaurants/ Bars
  • Car Repair
  • Doctor's Offices
  • Airbnbs / Vacation Rentals
  • Nail Salons
  • Dermatology Offices
  • Spas
  • Gyms
  • Colleges

If your business is not on the list, don't worry. We will work with whatever you have to give us. Now servicing Oroville, Palermo, Thermalito, Kelly Ridge, and Chico.

Commercial accounts get the discounted price of $1.00/lb. for folded laundry. If you have questions, email us: or call us: (530) 712-9223.

Commercial Laundry Services for Hotels & Motels

Hotels and motels need to launder mountains of laundry every day. Every room, in every hotel has sheets, bath towels, pool towels, blankets and comforters. Even in a small venue, that is a lot of laundry. Your motel may have its own laundry room but an unexpected in flux of customers or a broken down machine could be the break in the damn. Let our linen cleaning service lighten your load. 

Commercial Laundry Services for Restaurants & Bars

Every restaurant, big or small, homestyle or fancy, wants to have clean linens. Clean linens and uniforms give your establishment a clean, professional impression. Our restaurant laundry service will wash everything for you - tablecloths, linen napkins, uniforms, aprons, kitchen towels and more. 

Commercial Laundry Services for Doctor's Offices

Every doctor's office is a little different, and so are their laundry needs. Massage therapists may need sheets, towels, and bathrobes. Dentist offices will have scrubs and smocks. Veterinary offices have completely different laundry needs with towels and blankets. Whatever type of office that you run, it is important to make sure that your laundry is clean in a clinical setting. When you utilize our medical laundry service, you can be confident that all of your items will be as clean as possible. 

Commercial Laundry Services for Lineman's College

If you are attending lineman's college then you have some special laundry needs. You can get very hot and sweaty under that required uniform. Usually, the material is thick to be protective but that makes for difficult laundering. Our lineman laundry service knows how to work with thick material that can hold onto the sweat from a normal day of work. 

Commercial Laundry Services for Mechanics

Working with vehicles is often greasy, sweaty work. And the stains you get are extremely tough to get rid of. When you use our commercial laundry service we will do our very best to get your uniforms clean and back in working condition. We will even wash your work rags and tarps. 

Commercial Laundry Services for Nail Salons

Nail salons are places that you go to get pampered. Soft towels are an expected part of the experience. But those same towels get stained with nail polish, gel and acetone. Those harsh chemicals can be hard on your towels and capes. Let our salon laundry service take care of those towels for you. We have professional launderers who know how to get out tough stains while still retaining the soft texture. 

Commercial Laundry Services for Dermatologist College

Colleges are like small cities. Different departments have different laundry needs. Our commercial laundry service has commercial grade machines and professional launderers who can handle just about any type of laundry. We can use free and clear detergents and cater our service to your needs.